A connection object represents a player connected to the server.

Connections are stored in the global table connections and a specific connection can be obtained using its client ID with connections[client_id].

List of methods a connection object has:

  • getID()
  • getIpAddr()
    • Returns: String
  • getSecret()
    • Note: Returns a client unique identifier. Keep the server identifier the same if you want persistent client secrets between different servers. WARNING: NEVER EXPOSE TO CLIENT SIDE!
    • Returns: String
  • getCurrentVehicle()
  • getName()
    • Returns: String
  • sendChatMessage(string message)
    • Returns: null
  • kick(string reason)
    • Returns: null
  • sendLua(string lua_command)
    • Note: WARNING: You should always make sure to sanitize any form of user input inside of sendLua to avoid clients being vulnerable to arbitrary code injections.
      For example client:sendLua('ui_message("'..message..'")') would be vulnerable if message is ") Evil code here--.
      The admin system example has an example of sanitization in the cmd_parse function.
    • Returns: null