I can connect to my server using its IP address, but it's not showing up on the server list!

There are a few reasons as to why this may happen.

  • You may not have show_in_server_list set to true in your config.
  • Server is not up to date with the latest KissMP-server version.
  • Servers with inappropriate words in their name will automatically be blocked.
  • To avoid abuse, there is a limit of 10 servers per IP address.
  • Servers may not exceed the character limit of 64 characters for its name and 256 characters for its description.

My friends can't to connect to my server!

This is probably the result of incorrect port forwarding or firewall issues. Make sure to follow the port forwarding guide from Server Hosting

I have another issue that is not listed here!

If more help is needed, we are usually able to provide help at our Discord server.