Hosting a server with KissMP is very easy.

  • The server software was included in your download, extract this to a folder where you would like to set up your server.
  • Run the server software, it will generate a config file that you can edit.
  • Edit the config.json file to set the level, player limit, whether it's public, etc.
  • That's basically all there is to it.

How do I connect to my server?

If your server is running on your own PC, connect using the address Otherwise, follow the steps below.

How do others connect to my server?

If your server is public, it will show in the server list, and others can just click the Connect button. Otherwise:

  • If you're not using any networking software like Hamachi, people connect to your server with your public IP address. (
  • If you're using networking software like Hamachi, use the IP assigned to you by that software.

Note: You must have the port specified in config.json forwarded How To Port Forward - General Guide to Multiple Router Brands